What Get to Know before Creating a Character in The One

If you have watched the demo of NBA Live 18, you won't be disappointed with the official NBA live 18. And the game is all about making a player by your own. As you process in The One mode, each choice you make have influence on your following journey. The One mode push out the title: Follow No One, Be The One.


Game Play

Let us start from Gameplay of The One mode. NBA live 18 discover one-on-one gameplay innovation and experience providing so the smooth of attacking and pitching has been improved. From my point of view, dribbling system has been changed most. Build your formation in The One. Master your position with hundreds of fresh players signature styles and interactions across the court. Although players might find it a litter different in gameplay style, they will used to it after times practice. And players will rise through the ranks in The League and The Streets. Your legacy will be defined by the choice you make from the the end of your school college to the start of your experience in NBA.

The One Mode

NBA live mobile features The One, combined of The Street and The League. Players have access in it's demo must know the rule it goes: you are a college student who are seriously sick before and you want to prove yourself through PRO AM and then you come into NBA. The ESPN TV show is interleaved into The One, bringing more real experience to players. Each position possess its basic skill and also could add special skill. In the process of building your own character, you can also level up. Completing some of the in-game competition will earn you packs that contain in-game items used in following competition. Beyond that, each week NBA live push out new challenges and Live events to participate in regularly.

Character Creation in The One

The One starts with character creation and players will choose from different play styles and positions to create your own character or player. You have the choice to customize your player in a range of aspect from the hairstyle to the kicks. A signature ability and skill can be mastered only by you in order to make your mark on NBA live court. Now it comes to the style which is still all about you. The One enable you to choose the player you want to be and develop a tailored and unique skills and abilities. The player and character you create in The One mode is all about you from skill to style. If you still have doubts about the game, you can check from online resources to understand the game deeper. You can play NBA Live 18 in different platforms: PS4 and Xbox One or on mobile device but that would be NBA Live mobile. Players can get NBA live 18 coins based on the different platforms they play the game on. Your legacy begins now. Play NBA Live 18 now and become The One.

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