This week the SWTOR In-Game Cartel Store features one new item, available for a direct purchase – the Dark Eternal Throne decoration. A couple of armor sets are making a return and are discounted as well. To complete your outfit, a special black-red color crystal and a lightsaber hilt are conveniently on a sale. Check out the details in the review below!

While waiting for more details and a date announcement for the 6.0 Onslaught PTS, let’s take some time off and visit “everybody’s favorite” Cartel market – the in-game store, where you can spend real-life money and get out with a nice shiny new outfit, whell or… a scary mount.

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The new item this week is just one – the Dark Eternal Throne. This is a Stronghold decoration, requiring a large hook to place. It doesn’t offer much in the roleplaying play features, but looks damn cool wherever you place it (proof – the images below :P)

The Dark Eternal Throne was initially released as part of the Steadfast Champion Pack over two years ago. Today it is available for a direct purchase and at a 40% discount at that.


Do you dig the samurai looks and style? And I don’t mean the Cyberpunk 2077’s Samurai jacket.

The Distinguished Warrior’s Armor pack features all items except for a helmet. It is adaptive armor, has no level requirements and can be used by any class. It’s also mod-able.

The last time I remember seeing this was in the end of May, when it was also discounted for 25%, same as now.



Another outfit that an evil character in the game made famous and very desirable. If you want to look like the one companion everyone wants, but can’t have – Vaylin, then the Wicked Huntress’s Armor Set is for you!

Like any other armor packs this one has no level requirements, is mod-able and can be used by any class and role. It doesn’t have a head piece.

You are about to notice that for yourself, but I will warn you anyway. This armor set is more suitable for a small-body female character. It doesn’t exactly fit on a guy with a body type 3 size, like my sentinel.

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