Pro-FIFA player Fully explains how to take your FUT Champions results to the next level

Firstly, just like in any sport, it goes without saying that you need to have a proper warm-up.

I’ve spotted that a lot of players, perhaps due to time restrictions or other priorities, feel the need to rush out their games – this is a huge mistake.

Even having just one or two warm-up games before you start your Fut Champs campaign could be the difference between maintaining a perfect record or not over the weekend.

It’s essential that you effectively warm-up your cold hands, as so many people lose in the early games because they’re just not warmed up!

Before I begin a very serious and competitive Weekend League, I tend to prepare with friendlies against my friends or by playing the new mode introduced this year –  Division Rivals.

Now, of course nobody likes losing and we all manage defeats differently, but taking a break after you suffer a loss on Fut Champs is absolute pivotal.

Whether it was an unlucky defeat or totally deserved, taking some time out is a must – despite how much you might think you don’t need it!

Every top pro takes a break after a loss because once you suffer defeat, whether you notice it or not, much of your judgement becomes clouded as you’re still subconsciously thinking about your previous disappointment.

The worst thing you can do is go chasing your losses in an attempt to get some closure – it’s the complete wrong way to go about the Weekend League.

It’s essential that you treat every Weekend League game on its own merits and don’t play like they are linked together.

So, don’t think to yourself ‘If I lose this game, I must win my next’ – every game you play in the Weekend League should been taken as a complete separate 90 minutes, only using the momentum from your previous games to push you through.

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