NHL 20 Release Date & Features & Consoles: Tips for playing NHL20 early

Here’s what you need to know about the NHL 20 release date and what you can expect in terms of special editions, new NHL 20 features and other key upgrades for the 2019 installment of the NHL game. With the Stanley Cup playoffs in full swing there is a lot of interest in the NHL, but EA is still silent about the NHL 20 cover star and other key details.


Last year we saw outdoor hockey come to NHL 19, Real Player Motion deliver upgraded graphics and way more customization options than ever before. This year there is some hope that we will see a story mode like the NBA 2K series, classic teams and other upgrades to the game.


If you’re itching to play and you didn’t buy NHL 19, you can play it free right now on Xbox One or PC with EA Access. We expect to see more NHL 20 news soon, and for pre-orders to kick off in the next month or two.

Here’s a closer look at what you need to know about NHL 20 right now, and what you can expect from EA Sports.


NHL 20 Release Date

The NHL 20 release date is likely coming in mid September. Even though Madden 20 is coming out way early this year, it’s not clear that EA plans to push the other sports game releases up. Count on a NHL 20 release date around September 13, 2019 this year for the standard edition. With a special edition you should expect to play as early as September 10th.

NHL 20 Features

There are no major NHL 20 features leaked yet, but there are plenty of critics and fans offering up suggestions about what they want from EA for NHL 20.

NHL 20 Consoles

Expect to see NHL 20 on the Xbox One and PS4. Last year we only saw the NHL 19 release on these two consoles. EA is hit or miss with the Nintendo Switch and skipped it last year.

When asked about NHL 19 coming to the PC William Ho, the Creative Director of NHL 19 told Shacknews, “We’ll see.”, but ultimately nothing ever came of that. Ho also told the publication that they are fans of the Switch, but didn’t commit.

With FIFA on the Switch and Madden 20 on PC, we’re hoping to see some movement on this front this year.

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