New Career Mode The One For NBA Live 18

In EA's E3 2017 presentation, NBA live 18 first comes to people’s eyes, which catch the attention of NBA fans all over the world. Other people will go to any basketball game with less time since NBA Live 18 are accessible. Players who have played NBA Live 18 must have touch with The One already, while for those who want to come into NBA live 18 for the first time may do not know how it works with the new mode. Thus, we would like to introduce it about you can express yourself by customization.


What's The One in NBA Live 18?

Here is the video that introduce a little bit of NBA Live 18’s career mode, called The One. “Delivering gameplay innovations and a brand-new way to play with ‘The One’, NBA LIVE returns with an experience completely centered around a player’s individual journey,” EA Sports said at one NBA report.

Two Major Components:

The trailer given by EA lasting one minutes but it don't contain too much informative elements involving NBA LIVE 18 new mode. The One including two parts majorly: The League and The Streets. No matter which type of competition you choose to play, your customized character will always go through the whole The One mode. NBA LIVE 18 player customization allows you to select a style, traits and signature ability. The One is for online users. By the way, it also supply Live Events that is playable in co-op or multiplayer.

What other About The One?

As an all-new, vibrant occupied career journey more, The One let you decide the game player identity all by yourself, and enable you being a legend in NBA Live. Express yourself through your modified characters, from hair styles to tattoos and to more specific looking. A signature or a mark that only you can make is also available in the game. The game features selection changes and help develop dozens of competitors. Do you want to create your own looking and do you want to play with deep customization from skill to style that is all about you? Come to enjoy NBA Live 18 with its all new The One mode.

Your basketball road will keep along with you from rookie to veteran into the league, which is a real NBA career journey. You will build a 10-seasons NBA career there. Improve individual overall ratings through ascension personal powerful skills. Allow yourself make your own decisions and guide your career with your freedom skills. Earn MVP, All-NBA, Sixth Man of the Year and more yearly events. sixth year. You can choose to continue your The One journey after completing your career or choose retirement.

Experience NBA Live 18

Earn more NBA Live 18 coins and level up your player as you drive to become an icon. Your ascension is defined by the choices you make. With the freedom in The One to decide how you want and with who you want, the respect you earn in The Streets matters just as much as the rings you earn in The League. Your quest to be The One is just beginning. Experience this new mode yourself with NBA Live 18 available on Xbox One and PS4.

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