NBA Live News - James Harden Starting to Break Out

This is running for a third straight week that Harden reached the top of player rankings. If it weren't because of MVP Lebron James played the best ball of his career, Harden would have been a MVP at this time.

James Harden has captured the offensive explosion spectacularly. As a leading player in scoring and shooting a career-high 40.3% long-term in an unfathomable 11.1 attributes cancel per game.

James Harden came out to reach the top in the first version of the Washington Post's straw poll that used to select the NBA'S MVP in 2017-2018. Harden has achieve the best score along with Houston Rockets in the Western Conference.

The Cover Athlete

James Harden was choosed to be the Cover Athlete for this year's NBA Live 18 without any wonders for his unmatched creativity and the most dynamic playing style in the game.

Style of Play

James Harden are skilled in smooth jumping, which perfectly supplement his way of breaking the defenders and get scored in the basket. It is his incredible ability of finding a teammates to pass the ball, which is still a quite truly unique style, making him one of the most exciting players in the game nowadays.

Career Highlights

We have conclude four highlights in James Harden's career life. The first one is his first player title drafted by OKC Thunder. James Harden achieve average 29 points each game, might being the one who gaining most game score. Additionally, as a 4-time NBA All-Star, James Harden became the 2016 leader in assist.

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