NBA Live Mobile Winter Program 2017 Includes Allen Iverson

Recently there are about two new programs coming into NBA Live Mobile. Firstly, Fire and Ice Program has been started on holiday time. The fun began on December 14th. Next, NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson is back in NBA LIVE Mobile as part of the 2017 Fire and Ice Program.


Introduction to the 2017 Winter Program

Here is what you can expect from the NBA LIVE MOBILE Fire & Ice program.

Presents. Almost all players love presents. Sets and packs will include 15 new presents. You are supposed to completing a set that takes your present token first. After get the tokens you are able to start opening presents and gifts.

Besides completing a set you still have to log in daily to complete the 12 Days of Christmas live events to earn an elite Awesome present.

Lastly, find two new Fire and Ice Legend players which can be found in packs!

91 OVR Dwayne Wade '03

91 OVR Bill Russell '64

Get Iverson and Simmons Masters

Players who logs into NBA LIVE Mobile will receive players Allen Iverson and Ben Simmons with an 80 OVR from December 22 to December 29. Iverson is your “Ice” Master and Simmons is your “Fire” Master.

You will get the greatest legends and super elite star just by logging into the game. The two players you will get are Iverson and Simmons. Iverson and Simmons will work as distinct role as Iverson will be added into your Classic lineup while Simmons will be put at the exact position in your NBA lineup. Meanwhile, you can choose to upgrade the players into 83 Overall Rating only if you collect gold fire and ice players as well as completing the required Sets.

You can upgrade Iverson and Simmons to a 91 bit OVR master, this is part of the cool, then you can put your Classic or NBA team first NBA Live mobile - this season as a Classic player can only be in the squad, and vice versa for 91 OVR version, you need to complete sets two OVR 87 players.

There are chances that you can get players from the two major version, and put them into a squad according to your selection. We are very excited to let you have the opportunity to join different players in your squad when we prepared for the Christmas and New Year. We plan of Fire and Ice there are more things waiting for us. Please make sure to login every day so you will not miss any daily rewards.

More NBA Live News at Elitesplay

As the coming the new year, EA will announce more events and programs involving NBA Live. We will keep close eyes on EA official site and we will let you know in the first time as long as there are new activities coming out. NBA Live mobile coins is always on sale at reasonable prices as we can tell clearly what cheap price mean for NBA Live players.

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