NBA Live Mobile Opening of Season 2 & Crossroads Programs

EA has released its News Season of NBA Live and now it's on stage in NBA Live Mobile. EA has been devoting themselves to make the 2017-2018 season to be the best one and with the hope to bring NBA Live Mobile players the best experience for this new Season. Along the time EA has been working to collect feedback from players on Season 2 in order to make it as excellent as they can. Some changes have been made by EA and players are exciting to see the new features included here:

  • A revamped lineup system, streamlining your experience
  • A brand-new way to improve your players and your team
  • Coaches and the introduction of team chemistry
  • Refined, more balanced gameplay
Difference in Lineups for Season 2

The way of Lineups working have been changed a lot or it could be said the biggest changes this year. Different from the 5 distinct lineups that had to be built individually with players that fit each specific lineup in Season 1, your NBA Live Mobile Ultimate Team will have two lineups: NBA and Classic in Season 2. EA has been receiving a lot of feedback expressing the difficulty and restrict to construct five different lineups in Season 1. Considering of this EA make great changes in Season 2. The NBA lineups include present-day players while Classic lineups will feature players such as Larry Bird, Karl Malone, and more as the following images showing you:

Of course for players who prefer the five lineups in Season 1 can still have access to the lineups existing in Season 1. Although the lineups kinds have been altered a little players still have a lineup assigned to them.

Crossroads Programs for New Season

To celebrate the new season EA is holding the Crossroads Programs. Whether a player is experienced or having just started his career for few days, he can both take part in such programs as long as he is at a Crossroad in his career. A Live Event is included in the program for players to participate in a total of 30 challenges. After gaining success in these challenges with the Crossroads players, you may get an Elite Crossroads player as rewards.

Here's how the players break down in the game:

  • 5 Elite Crossroads Players for the NBA lineup
  • 1 Elite Crossroads Player for the Classic lineup
  • 1 Silver Crossroads Coach

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