NBA Live Mobile - All Star Program 2018

NBA All-Star is more than just another game. This really is a celebration of the greatest players from the league and the NBA's influence on culture and sports. This season in Los Angeles game has a new turning point, is in the traditional east-west game out. Instead, it's going to have 2 captains (LeBron, James and Stephen Curry), a mixture of players from every session.

NBA live broadcast includes a busy program (February) 15-23) To commemorate this special moment, we hope you excitedly begin the issue. From the first login on February 15, play live events and complete daily goals to make all Star silver and gold tokens. Once you've earned enough All-Star gold tokens, you can turn them into a pair of All-Star Elite Tokens and All-Star Elite gamers.

Remember how we discussed the All-Star captain? You are able to make Steph and LeBron by collecting every All-Star elite token. You get the Platinum version of Lebron and Step hanka - a brand-new R line game! This is going to be the maximum level participant, is in the elite variant.

Live Events

All-Star Challenge: This event happened in the exclusive NBA All-Star Mobile stadium! Below are a few patterns yo you can test your skills.

3 Point Contest: Are you a top marksman? This iconic tournament even includes white, red and blue chunks as you move from one stop to the next, attempting to find the highest score possible.

Slam Dunk Contest: It may be said that the most exciting game in basketball, clinic dunk on the court to be successful.

Skills Challenge: Another favorite of All-Star Weekend, weaves your way through barriers to show you have abilities and what you need to be an All-Star.

All-Star Game: This event lets you compete at the All-Star game, made a closer move to get all-star players. Here is the scene!

5v5 Game

4th quarter, 60 seconds left

Up by 7, Your ball

Opponent OVR = 85 (Elite team)

Opponent Roster = All-Star Players

Your Roster = Your best NBA LIVE Mobile team

Make it happen!


There are a total of 6 sets including:

All-Star Vote

Elite All-Star Player & Jersey

All-Star Captain LeBron James

All-Star Captain Stephen Curry

All-Star Jersey

All-Star Wild Card

The professional section deals with more advanced topics. Two features introduced in the next quarter are clarified here. These attributes are participant training and group chemistry. The initial quarter there isn't any two girls so the players may not be comfy. There are also game titles that describe how to do actions such as shooting, passing, dunking, and more. NBA live mobile coins are hot sales in Here you will find the cheapest price and the most reliable service.

Though these videos are in the professional part, they are good players to get new players. Accustomed to controlling basketball players is something that players should do when you can. The previous section is named All-Star. Video postings here contain information on head-to-head routines and alliances. There are a few strategy videos dealing with these topics. Community Center is a new feature, so it may not have much cooperation. But more video content will increase in the future.

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