Madden 18 Tips - How to Become a Defensive Powerhouse

A good defense is quite important if you want to achieve success in Madden 18 since a good defense is good at get the ball back quickly from the offense. Elitesplay list some useful but easily done tips for all players to help you be a defensive powerhouse in Madden 18. Hope you can make your way to the final Super Bowl of and become a legend in Madden games. Just follow us for more madden tips and tactics no matter you are a starter or a veteran of madden games.

Using a Linebacker

For madden players it is not easy to use a linebacker and instead you will have to practice a lot of times before you really fully master this skill. When you are in the game playing you can make full use of User Control rather than when you are having a computer to take control of it.

Players will pay close attention to the tactics your opponents use besides using a linebacker. Usually you will notice a pattern that your opponents commonly apply to. What you have to do is to learn the pattern and then you will be able to manually take away the routes of your opponents as long as you have learn the pattern.

Adjust your Gameplay

Your opponents changes each time as you choose different matches, so you have to learn to change your gameplay based on your opponents, which is very significant in Madden gameplay. To come out and to play stock defensive plays each time is the worst thing.

You are supposed to make clear what your opponents is doing and adjust your play style based on it.

How to Crash or Slide the Defensive Line

In order to quickly change the line, you might want to press left bumper on controller, then you will get a series of choices. You can expand the defence Clip them together, or let them to poly condensation side or in the direction of the collision in the middle.

These options all have bonus. If you are willing to guess the running game which way will take, you should choose this option. If you think running will be moving in the right direction, if you think they'll run directly to the middle, so you may choose to collision in the middle of the choice, or in defence, together all the defenders.

It is kind of risky to bet on which direction a running play is going to go since you might bet a wrong direction. Also, it could give the running back loads of room if you guess a wrong direction.

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