FIFA Mobile Game Info and How to Play It Well

FIFA Mobile is a popular sports video game. The soccer simulation has been developed by EA Canada and EA Mobile. The game was published for Android and iOS platforms by EA Sports. FIFA Mobile was announced during Gamescom 2016, in August 2016. It released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android in October 2016.

The FIFA Mobile soccer simulation game has introduced a new "Attack Mode" that allows players to play the match's offensive stages. They also have to defend opposition's counter-attacks. An asynchronous turn-based multiplayer is available in the Attack Mode.

FIFA Mobile features Live Events that are themed on recent real world events, as well as mini games that are based on various skills such as passing, shooting, goalkeeping, and dribbling. A Season mode that features different teams from world's leagues and a Multiplayer Leagues section where players can form leagues and compete are also included in the game.

The game has improved the player faces in order to make them more realistic. It was developed based on the FIFA 08 console engine that has been used on previous mobile FIFA games.

What are FIFA Mobile Coins?

Players are able to earn in-game rewards and extra coins in FIFA Mobile, depending of certain results in the real football world. For instance, when completing specially marked Live Events, players will earn Coin Up Tokens. The game offers various Coin Up Challenges and each of them comes with its own reward requirements. Some might be very specific, such as having a player score two goals, some might not be as straightforward. However, in order to earn rewards in FIFA Mobile, players need to pay close attention to real-world matches. In order to receive the reward associated, players have to manually quick sell the Coin Up Token.

FIFA Mobile Game Tips



There are two ways to play the FIFA Mobile game. The first viable option for controlling your team is the most basic way. You can let the AI control when the players get the ball and where they move, while you just step in to use swipes and taps only when necessary. This way, your team will operate by default. The only important things to remember in this basic play are how to shoot and how to pass. You can perform passing by either tapping on a spot on the pitch or tapping on a player without a ball.You can shoot by simply swipe toward the goal on the player with the ball. The swipe's speed controls the shot's power.

The alternative to the default play is to control the game by using a virtual stick and button combo. You will control the player's movement with the stick. Offense and defense are performed by using the buttons' context-sensitive roles. It is important to remember that the tap controls are overridden by the stick and buttons.

Several different ways to play soccer are features in the FIFA Mobile game:

  • Live Events - are quick challenges where you can earn XP, coins, and collectibles.
  • Attack Mode - is an asynchronous multiplayer mode.
  • Season - as the name suggests, Season mode allows players to test their skills against a number of real life leagues.
Here are Some Tips for The Game:

The tactic matters

In FIFA Mobile 17 you need a total of 27 players in order to have all the possible positions. But you don't have to use all of your players. It is recommended to focus instead on building a strong team and always use in all your matches that formation / tactic. You will win more games this way and if you try to build a legendary team for 27 positions it will be easier for you to build a perfect one.

Join a league

You can join a league as soon as you reach level 5. It is recommended to do this as soon as possible.

Let the AI play the games

You don't have to play the games by yourself but let the AI do the work for you. As the AI's shots are very well aimed, this may work well in some occasions during the Attack Mode matches.

Choose the best control method

Try playing the game with the touch control or the virtual joystick in order to decide which one suits you best.

The Market

You can get some good players in the Market. For as low as 800 coins, you can get players rating 70 and above.

Use the Plans

You can complete many various Plans in FIFA Mobile. Many of these plans are rewarding you with unique, superstar players.

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