FIFA 20: Important new features in the game

As the date is approaching, the craze of FIFA 20 is looming large among the fans all over the world with every passing day. Every new edition of FIFA players find some distinctly new features and this edition of FIFA 20 will also follow the same legacy. So, the burning question for every FIFA fan is, what are the new features that the players are going to experience with FIFA 20?

#1 Composed Finishing

Previously, gamers have had difficulty in finishing, so EA has improved the fundamental things of shooting. This will provide more clinical and consistent shooting to the gamers leading to a more authentic and satisfying experience while playing the game. The game has designed such a way that players will have more time and space to create own scoring chances. Hence, users skills will create a difference this time. 

#2 Strength Dribbling

FIFA is reinventing the dribbling mechanism. This tool will have more 'dimensioning' attack giving players a more controlled and precise attack while dribbling. Players can lure opponent defenders in and dribble past easily. 

#3 Improvement in the defence system

A brand new sophisticated touch system from an active touch system is introduced to improve players tackling ability. This will help the player to gain possession more often. Apart from this, other minute things have also been taken care of to give a more real-life like football experience.

#4 New Spot Kick Mechanism

Penalty Kick: New aiming mechanism which will have a more accessible area but gamers need to master the skill to take the perfect penalty.

Free-Kick: Players will have full control over the ball & trajectory and also will be able to choose what kind of spin he or she wants to send the ball inside the goal.

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