FIFA 18 Team of the Year - Attackers, Midfielders, Defenders, Midfielders and Goalkeepers

EA has officially announced the TEAM OF THE YEAR players for FIFA 18, including the Attackers, Midfielders, Defenders and Goalkeepers. A total of 11 players are choose from 55 best players in the world football. So who has stand out from the 55 players? Let us have a deep look from the following analysis.


TOTY Winners - Attackers


When it comes to Lionel Messi, the Single player who deserves more Enthused promotion and Compliments ronaldo, Argentina's guide to the talents and skills about the ball in football Several is Equivalent to study history, Such as Ronaldo, Messi also Frequently get the freedom of a similar Assault roles - he's too good can not be sure your place he continued his fearlessly leading in the forefront of the club, scoring lots of goals and help along the way.

Argentina magician Ronaldo is presently the only one like Ronaldo got and deserve so enthusiastic compliments and speculation, in the history of football, the Argentine magician's talent and technology than he like Cristiano Ronaldo, nearly in a mess, I often get the function of the liberty of a similar attack - he is too good, can not determine a situation He continued his fearlessly leading in the forefront of the club , all scored lots of goals and assists.

TOTY Winners - Midfielder

Kevin De Bruyne is one of the three midfielders who has stood out. Coming from Manchester City, Kevin De Bruyne is a prominent player in the national Group and is also one of the greatest player in history, also is among the games most complete midfielder from creating opportunities to Shield, to scoring Vital goals,, Seem can do anything.

TOTY Winners - Defenders

Segio Ramos Garcia is not only one of the most decorated defenders in history but also one of the four Defenders for FIFA Team of the Year. The other two players are Marcelo Vieira Da Silva who comes from Real Madrid, and Leonardo and Bonucci who is one of the players from AC Milan. And the last defenders is Daniel Alves Da Silva, a talented Brazilian right-back player who has impressed on the highest level for nearly one decade.

TOTY Winners - Goalkeepers

Davis DE Gea Quintana is the only player chosen to be the goalkeeper of TOTY in FIFA 18. The Spanish international has become a significant player in the united squad in recent years and has played an important role in the league along with continental dominance of this 2017 season.

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