FIFA 18 Starting Guide - How to Defend in Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 has been officially on sale for about a few months, and we believe there will be more game player to start this classic game as the new FIFA 18 indeed bring more total new game features. However, the problem came that many new starters don't know how to play. Here we bring a strategy to introduce the game strategy for novice defensive guides for everyone.


Primary Piece

At first, don't use switching player automatic and change it into switch players manually. Do not defense one by one for new players. The system tracking and interception will automatically track and intercept instead of defensing blindly. You will not be ease off by the opponent at the same time.

How to Use AI Defense

Since we have switch the AI defending, the AI will defend automatic. the AI defending has improved, narrowing the advantage of better players and making results more random.

What you have to do is when your opponents is attacking you have to switch to taking control of the corner player and making them intercept or taking back the ball.

There is on common feature for new players: try to get the ball back as soon as possible while they will lose control of the ball soon. Keep this in mind that don't always think about intercept the football, which will result to lode the defense and been at disadvantage easily. A lot of opponents play quite slowly and players would like to attack from corners and take football to the core court especially Ultimate Team players. Once you try to take control of the football your opponents will gain more chance with their advanced passing ball skills.

If the AI isn't winning it makes errors and offers you a chance to exploit those mistakes. If you provide them an easy goal by being sloppy in the back, the AI will probably be more difficult to break down.

What You Need to Start FIFA Ultimate Team

There are two virtual currencies in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: FIFA Coins and FIFA Points. When you see an item for sale when playing FIFA 18, whether it be a participant or a card that is secondhand, FIFA 18 coins is needed to buy these items Coins are made by playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and getting involved in the various events and challenges, while FIFA Points are purchased from your console/system's shop.


It's better for starters to make AI defends very much by itself, which greatly weakened the very challenging defensive behaviour that we had at the beginning of FIFA 18 and had to learn first, while at during the same time you have to acquire more tactic defending to be prepared for the latter game playing. You have to take control of the corner players so as to take your opponents down by you, which is a relatively simple approach to defense. We hope this will improve the defense skills for new players.

All the above is today's FIFA 18 strategy defense skill for rookies. We hope it can give you extra help. For more game strategy please follow, bringing you the latest game strategy.

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