EA Sports Makes FIFA 18 FUTMAS Event Return

With Christmas coming closer and closer everyone is celebrating the annual festival, including FIFA game players. EA also have activities to celebrate the coming Christmas with FUTmas this holiday season with various activities like SBCs, themed Weekly Objectives and special holiday offers. Players can expect new things every day as the new FUTmas is available to access. And now the FUTmas is accessible for every players starting on Friday December 15 for a limited time. Log into FIFA 18 ultimate team to discover new elements.

What Is FUTmas?

It is Electronic Arts that created annual FUTmas in order to celebrate the Christmas season. It first coming out with FIFA 13 and from that time on, it is held each year during the days around Christmas. During this period the FIFA Ultimate Team players are allowed to win free FUT packs and promotions for the special FUT packs.

From December 15 to December 24, three new players SBCS will be released on December 15, but only lasting for 24 hours. That means 30 players are in 10 days! The only distortion is that the challenge is released just like a countdown based on the player's jersey number; for example, the December 15 SBCS will feature jerseys 30, 29, and 28. The SBCS released on December 16 will be with the jerseys number 27, 26, player 25, continuing each day until the futmas countdown ends with the jersey number 3, 2 players SBCs, and 1 December.

FUTMAS Countdown SBCs List

We are going to list the following days SBCs List. Just check it out here.

FUTMAS SBC Countdown - Day 10 (December 24th)

FUTMAS SBC Countdown - Day 9 (December 23rd)

FUTMAS SBC Countdown - Day 8 (December 22nd)

FUTMAS SBC Countdown - Day 7 (December 21st)

FUTMAS SBC Countdown - Day 6 (December 20th)

FUTMAS SBC Countdown - Day 5 (December 19th)



There will be FUTMAS Kits available to be gotten through in-game events. Be sure to dress up your squad with the kits you get. Log into the game each week to find out how to get the special kits that will be available for a limited time.

As already happened last year we will update this FIFA 18 FUTmas guide daily with all the news that will be introduced by EA Sports during the Christmas promotion.

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