Check Out the Madden NFL 18 Update 1.08 Patch Notes

EA Sport continues to update and expand the latest updates to Madden NFL 18 game now on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, adding a major new feature and online stability with other improvements.

As the name suggests, this let players to make a change, a voice at any time when they offensive or defensive strategy which will further advanced players level the idea is that when you see the other side of the line, you will be able to make further adjustment. EA called the update as Audibles on the Fly.


What is Audibles on the Fly?

Audibles on the Fly is a function that allows the user to change anything from a game call screen in Madden NFL 18.

This function will lead to a level of strategy, making you see from the NFL's best player and coach, allowing users to change their plans or in the middle game plan, making fly adjustments to counter your opponent's plan this characteristic also introduced the custom on the ultimate team explosive pattern like the first time.

If you want to have access to audibles on the fly, you will have to select plays at the Play Call screen.

Once you select a formation, and call the screen on the game, just press LT/L2 bring out the alternative sound menu. Replace the sound menu with the noise, and it's easy to set up the list of selected groups.

In the face of the upcoming super challenge, take a look at the best player in the world how to take advantage of the new intelligent ability to adjust the game is very interesting, can play an important role in the next game. To see the full notes of update, please check it from official EA sites. Here we will list some significant part of the note, including the Gameplay Updates, Franchise Updates as well as Online Stability Improvements notes we check from EA announcements.

Full Title Update Notes

  • Gameplay Updates
  • Added additional performance penalties when using defensive players on offense
  • Tuned so that defenders with the Disciplined penalty trait will not jump offsides when Pass Rush Coach Adjustment is set to Balanced
  • Addressed an issue around facemask penalties triggering when the Strip Ball Coach Adjustment was set to Conservative

Franchise Updates

  • Addressed Play Call screen lag issue
  • Added logic for Franchise leagues to turn Injuries ON via settings when using the Competitive Game Style
  • Addressed issue making player skills appear locked after spending XP to unlock them when scouting for the Draft
  • Addressed issue causing players' stats and ratings to occasionally change when scrolling down on the menu during a Fantasy Draft

Online Stability Improvements

Deployment of new technology will help to alleviate some disconnected problem if you or your opponent is going through a network problem, you will see the message of the user interface to let you know the problem I will try to connect you again.

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