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About Madden 18 Coins

Madden 18 coins are in-game virtual currency that used to build your madden Ultimate Team. As one of the most important elements, what do madden 18 coins mainly used for? On the one hand, madden 18 coins can be used to purchase different madden card packs with coins that you can use in madden ultimate team. On the other hand, with enough madden 18 coins you have access to bid and buy Ultimate Team ideal players in MUT market. Thus we come to the conclusion that madden 18 coins is the key to achieve success in Madden 18 Ultimate Team.

What are Madden Mobile Coins

Madden NFL mobile coins are the in-game currency. There is no doubt that every players in Madden Mobile knows the significance of Madden Mobile Coins. What are the uses of Madden Mobile coins? Firstly, coins can be utilized to purchase in-game Packs, alternate players and contracts from Stores. Secondly, they can also be used for placing bids in the Auction House on Items that have been submitted by other players. But please notice that the madden mobile coins will be unavailable to use once the bids are placed on Auction Item until that Auction is completed.

Madden NFL 18 New Points

Longshot is a new game mode that added into this year's madden franchise madden NFL 18. This time Madden NFL 18 features a new story mode and new means to team up and play with friends. It's also the first time for madden franchise to run on EA's Frostbite game engine. It has update in target passing. Players can throw the ball to who you would like to owning to the bran-new target passing.

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